Caring for the Aged

The apostolate of assisting the aged provides the sisters an opportunity to evangelize both the inmates and their relations through a life of witness, service and personal contact. They take care not only of their body but also of their souls. 

The friendly and caring presence of the sisters is an encouragement for the old to live a cheerful life. Besides providing physical and emotional care to the inmates, the sisters prepare them to spend the evening of their life in peace, joy and contentment, gracefully passing through each day, nourishing their spiritual life through Sacraments and other helps. Taking note of the signs of their last moments, priests are called to administer to them the Sacrament of the sick and holy Viaticum. The sisters do all in their power to make their passing into eternity a joyful encounter with the Lord. Often they die with a graceful countenance. There are instances where some of them have made peace and asked pardon from everyone in the family. It is consoling to hear them say before they die “When I go to Heaven I shall pray for you all.” 

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Caring for the Aged

The apostolate of assisting the aged provides…